University Style

By James Holman

It is that time of year again where students either begin their exciting new journey at University or they return to be reunited with their friends and, not as appealing, their lecturers.

It is important to consider what you wear whilst you are University for three crucial reasons. These are:

  • To appear approachable and make new friends
  • Impressing the right people on that all important night out
  • Letting your lecturers know that you are serious and presentable

Another important thing to remember is that when you dress more maturely, you act more mature. This may not be what you are in town for but I can assure you from first hand experience that giving the right impression is crucial. What you wear can help you do this.

Here are some key things to think about when you are buying your new university wardrobe:


Buying clothes that really fit you is a tough ask but it is possible. Take extra time to make sure that each item of clothing that you buy sits well and is the right length. there is nothing worse than seeing a fully grown man trying to squeeze into his t-shirt from a few years ago. It’s not a “look” and you most certainly aren’t pulling it off.

Getting the right fit also helps you to stand out against the crowd as a well-dressed man. This is such a simple thing to do which makes you appear so much more stylish.


Whilst you are at University, you will witness a lot of students adorning jogging bottoms and a t-shirt to lectures. I am of the personal opinion that jogging bottoms should never be worn outside the house unless exercising or if you are too ill to even see another pair of trousers. It takes less than a minute to change your trousers, just do it, it honestly makes so much difference.

What you need to do to stand out as a fashionable man is take in your opponents. Ask yourself, what is everyone else wearing? What can I wear to step it up a notch. In doing this, you will not look too out of place as you know what other people will be wearing but you will appear more fashionable than the rest of the crowd.


This only has to be a couple of jackets or blazers, perhaps one or two pairs of nice trousers and a couple of t-shirts. You don’t need to spend a lot to look great, you just need to know where to shop. Make sure you take a good look around before you jump into any rash purchases, you never know what deals you may find.

There you have it gentlemen. Enjoy every second of your time at University, it truly is the best time of your life!

My final piece of advice is try not to just buy anything, seasons change and so does fashion. before you know it you will be adding to your wardrobe and throwing out last seasons wears. Besides, you are going to need as much money as you can get for Freshers!

This is the first year that I will not be returning to University and I have to say that I do feel a void inside. University was the best time of my life and I would do anything to have it over again


Summer Soundtrack

By Danny de Reybekill

Fresh from a stint of British mediocre sunshine, we will be bringing you the sounds of the summer, for you to recline with your juice in hand and tortoiseshell sunglasses upon the brow.


Starting way back over a decade ago on Jamiroquai’s ‘A Space Oddysey’ came ‘Love Foolosophy’ from 2001. Steeped in nostalgia, this is a sound that reminds me of childhood summer parties and those lucky few who had summer birthdays; which of course meant more well attended birthday parties (no bitterness from me, lucky bastards).

Jamiroquai – Love Foolosophy


Brand new and up to date is the wonderful Clean Bandit, coming together with dancehall don Stylo G for their new single ‘Come Over’. Over the last couple of years, I’ve tracked the progress these guys have made on the consistently impressive label Black Butter Records, home to Rudimental, MNEK & Gorgon City. Download their new album ‘New Eyes’ here (

Clean Bandit – Come Over (feat. Stylo G)


Back in the autumn of 2012, we came across the imitable Frank Ocean from the Odd Future collective that brought us Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt who broke out social conventions with the bizarre but breakthrough piece ‘Yonkers’. One of only a handful, Frank Ocean came out just before the release of his ‘Channel Orange’ debut EP, from which this richboys anthem is taken from.

Frank Ocean – Sweet LIFE


A personal favourite of mine at the moment, but not something I’d usually choose comes from Busta Rhymes, the former king of rap & hip hop. With Tom Misch’s remix clocking up the plays on the MajesticCasual YouTube channel, I can’t get enough of this chilled out guitar hook and amazing guitar solo in the latter half. Pass me a G&T and let me relax in the sun.

Busta Rhymes – Ill Vibe (Tom Misch Remix)


An absolute summer dance anthem from your local wine bars to the streets of Ibiza has been the collaboration between Oliver Heldens’ deep house smasher & the meaty vocals of fellow young gun Becki Hill on ‘Gecko (Overdrive)’. Watch your speedometer when this goes on, no-one likes a man with too many points on his licence.

Oliver Heldens X Becky Hill – (Overdrive)


Nevertheless, we turn the speed up a couple more notches while winding back the clock 12 years to something that still gets anyone with a musical bone in their body moving. Perfect for dappled rooftop babecues and drinks with friends, Brazilian drum & bass legend DJ Marky & XRS with Stamina MC are still my favourite old skool duo. They played on Top of the Pops back in the day, so here is an original video to make you feel old! ‘LK (It’s The Way)’ should make you feel love and loved.

DJ Marky & XRS ft. Stamina MC – LK (It’s The Way)


I’ve been following the recent rise of a trio from Tel Aviv called Garden City Movement, who’ve more than impressed with their mixture of sun-drenched summer sounds and chopped vocal work. A favourite of mine at the moment is ‘Move On’, from the first of two EP’s, which I recently talked about with them here (

Garden City Movement – Move On


Rising through the heat that was the year of Rudimental, Ella Eyre has spread her wings and since the release of her debut EP ‘Deeper’, her first single is ‘If I Go’, released last month. Picking up MTV, BBC Sof2014 & BRIT Awards, we can expect to hear a lot more quality upbeat tracks from the beautiful Ella. And at like 20 years old, she has a blossoming career ahead of her. Download her album here (

Ella Eyre – If I Go


We are going to top off its summer playlist with possibly the most quintessential addition to your collection. Just like the first time you hear a Christmas song in the winter season, it really isn’t summer until you’ve played this out; yes, it’s arguably DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s most famous track from the 90’s, ‘Summertime’. We want some of whatever the ‘Man In Black’ has been taking the last 20 years to keep himself looking that good! Check out the video, full of big shorts and big dance moves…

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

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Writers Wanted

Do you have a passion for men’s fashion, grooming and lifestyle?

A Classy Gent is looking for writers who can contribute with their own creative flare to make this site the go-to page for men’s fashion. 

Whilst this is unpaid work, writing for a blog can be a great way to get your work and style of writing noticed by the people in the business. You will have a by-line for every article you write.

Please email with information on your previous experience and any ideas you may have for articles. 



I thought I would post on how I choose my outfits day-in day-out. That is after all an essential part of everyday life and the foundations upon what your personal style is built. Everyone has their own personal edge which is one of the more beautiful things about the fashion industry.

I usually choose my outfit in the shower, (hence the title), I find this is the best place to think and where I usually come up with my best ideas.

To begin, I always start with the trousers, I have numerous pairs but countless more t-shirts, therefore it is easier to choose the trousers first so then I can add a t-shirt that works with relative ease. I like to play with the colours I’m wearing by adding a heavily patterned piece to block colours to create an interesting contrast. This is a very simple but effective way of looking stylish and on trend. From here, the belt and the shoes go on, ensuring that they match both each other and my outfit. Finally, a jumper or cardigan if the weather requires it.

Another way in which I choose my outfits is by looking at what celebrities are wearing, after all, a lot of them have a stylist so who am I to question their professional advice. It is important to find a celebrity who has a similar frame to you and a look that isn’t out of your comfort zone. My go-to celebrities of the moment are One Direction. Like them or not, these boys have incredible fashion taste and always look the part, they are young, fun and living life to the full, just like I try to be, (I am in fact quite young though, not a old man desperately trying to cling on to his youth.) Make sure that if you choose a celebrity for fashion ideas, they are similar to you in both size and how they portray themselves.

So there we have it, I hope that this has been informative for you. I would be interested in hearing your views on this issue and whether you follow the fashion advice of any celebrity so please leave a comment.

Product Review – Schwarzkopf got2be Oil-Licious Tame and Shine Styling Oil

I recently picked up this little bottle of Schwarzkopf Oil-Licious Tame and Shine Styling Oil as I was looking for a product that would enable me to style my medium-length hair without it looking like it’s covered in product. I was fed up of using gels and pastes as no matter how hard I tried, it always looked like I had a product in my hair.

Thankfully, this has all changed as a result of this little miracle bottle! The Oil-Licious Tame and Shine does exactly that. It controls my hair so that it doesn’t fall in my face or droop down to the sides of my head whilst leaving it looking natural and feeling very healthy. I would recommend it to anyone as it is not only an excellent styling product, but it is so inexpensive and thanks to the Argan Oil inside, it nourishes your hair back to life. You can see the difference as my hair now looks healthy and nourished. It doesn’t even leave your hair feeling oily.

This is the best product I have come across in a long time, Schwarzkopf are on top form at the moment providing us with top-quality products, at such reasonable prices.

Find Schwarzkopf Oli-Licious Tame and Shine Styling Oil at Boots or online at:


The Travel Wallet

Travelling to the perfect holiday destination, despite what we are all lead to believe by the countless travel agents and holiday websites is almost always a stressful experience; what time do we have to be at the airport? Who has the passports? When’s our connecting flight?

It can be a nightmare frantically flicking through the numerous emails you printed off to work out where you have to be and when, dropping several sheets on the airport floor just for them to be kicked away by the thousands of passers by. I’m feeling frustrated just imagining it!

When it comes to travelling, there’s no tool more handy than a travel wallet. In goes your passports, all of your documentation, your boarding passes, your foreign currency and everything else! Perfect. Therefore, you should focus on getting the right one…

The first thing to consider when you are looking for your travel wallet is what colour you would like it to be. If you want to look the part as you cross the terminal then I would opt for the same colour as the bag you are most likely to be taking. At this time of year, I would recommend a nice tan or brown, it isn’t too dark and winterous like a black bag but remains dark enough to not show the scratch and dent marks inevitably left by the airport bag control.

Secondly, it is important to make sure that the wallet has enough pockets for what you need, if you are travelling alone then a smaller one is substantial enough to hold all of your possessions but if you are taking family, then a bigger one would be more suitable. Luckily, you can get excellent wallets in both small and large sizes.

Finally, you should consider how obvious your wallet will look. There are a lot of people lingering at the airport, waiting for you to casually place your travel wallet down, knowing full well that the contents are usually valuable, and they will not waste an opportunity to take it and run. Therefore, when choosing your travel wallet, ensure that it doesn’t look too much like a travel wallet and that you don’t leave it anywhere where it could be taken.

Here are some that certainly caught my eye for the right reasons!

The Inside

The Inside

The Inside

The Inside

I hope you have a great holiday!

Start the week right

Another weekend has come to a close and the week begins, are you ready?

The answer to that question is more often than not a no but it definitely doesn’t have to be.

Positive Mental Attitude

I know this sounds a little weak when you have to welcome in five days of work but you’d be surprised at how effective this is. Having a little bit of a positive outlook helps prepare you for the week ahead and it is so easy to do.

Firstly, think of what you have to achieve tomorrow, Monday is always the hardest day of the week but if you make a list of what you need to do and prioritise the items, you will head into work with a clear idea on what you will be doing and in what way you are going to achieve it. It is important that when you are listing the items that need to be completed, you focus on making the completion of these tasks your absolute goal. That way, when you accomplish your goals tomorrow, you will be filled with the satisfaction that everything you needed to do has been done.

Carry on with this approach and you will be surprised at how quickly your outlook on work changes from a negative one to a positive one, just by doing this simple act.

Good luck and enjoy